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Note: This is only available to Purple partners and white labels.

Within the Partner Portal, you can create and manage your own customers. You are able to see when the customer was added, how many groups, venues and users they have and their license details.

Click Management > Customers.

New customer

  1. To add a new customer, click Create new customerAdd a single customer and complete the details as follows:

    Customer name

    The name of the customer or company.


    The country the customer is based in.


    Choose the customer's timezone from the list.

    Postcode/Street name

    Enter the post code or street name and click Search, select the correct address from the results shown. If the address is not shown, click Cannot find my address and enter the details manually.


    These fields show after you select or enter an address, complete them as appropriate with the customer's details.




    Industry sector

    Choose the industry sector from the list, there is an Other category under each section.

    First name

    Main contact's name.

    Last name


    The position of the main contact.

    VAT/EU number

    This is optional, the company VAT or EU number for tax purposes.

    Allow customer venue management

    Select this option to allow the customer to manage their own venues.

  2. Click Save details, you can then change the customer details, add venues and groups, add users, change the settings or add webhooks.

seamless login.

You can remove visitors from the WiFi and force them to re-authenticate if they haven’t verified their email address within a configurable amount of time. This is triggered by a RADIUS Change of Authorization (CoA) request, sent to the Access Point/Controller from Purple’s cloud hosted RADIUS server (this may require an inbound firewall rule for UDP port 3799). Most hardware supports CoA requests, for more information about how to configure this for your hardware, refer to CoA/Disconnect Configuration.

You can see which visitors have verified their email address within MarketingCRM, click the visitor name, next to the name it shows if the visitor is verified or unverified.

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