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The Profile Portal allows visitors to review data they provided when they logged in to a Purple WiFi system/created their account to gain access to WiFi at a Venue. To give visitors access to the Profile Portal, it must be enabled at the venue within ManagementVenuesSettings.

The Profile Portal is based on your region. You can access it from one of the following:

Email verification

When Profile Portal is enabled, visitors who have accessed the WiFi at your venue are sent an email to invite them to use the Profile Portal 24 hours after their first visit.

If you click the verification on the email you must verify the account, enter a date of birth and click Verify.

If the access token has expired you must generate a new access token. Enter your email address again and click 'Submit request'.

Cannot log in or information does not match records

Profile Portal accounts only exist for visitors who have logged in and received an email to invite them to use the Profile Portal. This email is sent 24 hours after a visitor first logs in to the WiFi for a venue which has Profile Portal active. It contains an access token to access the Profile Portal. The access token is a specifically hashed unique and time limited URL which allows visitors to validate the information provided at initial WiFi login to gain access to the Profile Portal data.

  1. If you did not get the email or the access token has expired, click Forgot your details? on the Profile Portal login page.

  2. This states it is for a password reset if you have already validated your login, however it can also be used to generate a new verification email or if your initial access token has expired it can also be used to generate a new access token. Enter your email address and click Submit request.

My Personal Information

This shows the personal data provided at login to the WiFi, you can choose to delete all of the information.

My Activity

This shows you details about your past visits, which venues you have visited, marketing communications received, associated devices and connection methods.

My Communications Settings

This shows which companies you have opted in to, to receive marketing communications. You can change your marketing communication preferences and choose which companies you would like to receive communications for with the toggle button.

My Transactions

Some venues charge visitors to access the WiFi. This shows any payments you have made to access WiFi at a venue.

Terms Agreed

This shows any terms and conditions you accepted to access WiFi at a venue.

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