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QR Code Generator

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The QR code generator feature, generates a QR code as an image which you can download and use to display to your visitors so they can scan the QR code to easily connect to your guest WiFi. This gives visitors a much quicker way to connect, they don't have to choose the correct WiFi network and if a password is required you can add this information into the QR code so visitors don't have to type it out each time.

To enable the QR Code Generator please contact Support.

Generate a QR Code

  1. At the venue level, click ManagementVenues > QR.


  2. Enter the SSID for the guest WiFi.

  3. If a password is required, select SSID password, choose the encryption method and enter the required password.

  4. Click Generate QR, to download the QR code, click Download PNG.


    You can now print and display the QR code so visitors can scan it and join the guest WiFi network.

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