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Within Users you can set up new users and edit or delete existing users. Permission profiles should be set up prior to users. Users explicitly use permission profiles to determine the user’s permissions at company level and below. Users at reseller level and above have full access and do not require permission profiles. If a user is not assigned to a permission profile at company level, for example, if the profile is deleted or the user is removed from a profile, the default permissions are set to denied for everything. If a user has the default permissions you must add the user to a permission profile to explicitly grant access.

If a user requires access to personal identifiable information, MAC addresses and to change marketing opt-out status, these are all set in the permission profile the user is assigned to.

When you create a new user an email is sent to the user with the login details, on initial log in the user must change their password.

To access this click ManagementUsers.

New User

  1. Within ManagementUsers, click Add User.

  2. Enter the required user details. For more information about these fields, refer to User Details.

  3. Choose whether to manually set a user password or leave the fields blank to automatically generate a password which is emailed to the user.

  4. Set the user’s access level and permission profile and click Save.