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Webhooks allow data such as name, email, date of birth, gender, sign up method, MAC address and more, to be pushed into your internal CRM systems in real time.

Benefits include:

  • Get new data in realtime as soon as the event is triggered. 
  • Offer your customers a superior service. Using Webhooks, you are able to push visitors’ user data from Purple to your internal applications to enable a bespoke experience.
  • Engage visitors with your brand. Having a live feed of your visitors’ data being pushed to your other CRMs gives you a more complete profile on each customer. 


Add a Webhook

  1. At the company or venue level, navigate to the Portal's Management section from the left-hand sidebar and select Venues. Click the Webhooks tab at the top of the Venues page.
  2. You need to add and validate the destination URL (endpoint) you want the Webhook to push data to. Data is sent as a JSON object so you need to make sure your destination URL is capable of receiving the data. There is no limit on how many URLs you can validate.
  3. Once your URL is validated, navigate to LogicFlow in the portal and you will see a Webhooks Action Node. After you’ve added your Start Node, place the Webhook Node in your flow and select your validated URL, then close your flow with the End Node. Validate and save.
  4. Next, you need to add your LogicFlow with the Webhook onto your Access Journey. From the Onboarding tab on the left-hand sidebar within the portal, click Access Journeys.
  5. From Access Journeys, select the LogicFlow tab and click ‘New logic flow’. Select the desired LogicFlow. Now, every time a user connects to your WiFi, their data will be pushed via the newly created Webhook.

Check our video guide showing the webhook creation process:

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