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Terms Management

This update enables terms documents to be added and edited to better meet business needs.

The core elements that have changed are:

  1. Terms are now easily editable within the platform. This includes the ability to add language versions and delete terms documents
  2. Terms can be linked at the company level to specific access journeys

The standard Privacy Policy and EULA templates have been updated. The templates for these are available within the platform and can be viewed here.


The changes have been implemented to enable:

  • Greater flexibility as terms can more easily be updated whenever required
  • Improved personalization with the ability to add customized terms to splash screens


Where custom terms have already been implemented, Purple will migrate these so no action is required. Purple’s new templates will show alongside the pre-existing custom terms. Templates can be removed from within the platform.

If custom documents aren’t already set up and you want to move away from Purple’s standard terms documents, documents will need to be prepared and uploaded in the Purple platform.

To implement Custom Terms, navigate to Onboarding > Terms Management from within the platform. An implementation guide is available on our Support Site.

End user impact

Every time a change is made to terms, users need to accept the latest version.

Terms will change with the implementation of this new functionality, meaning users will need to accept the new terms before they can proceed. A pop up will display to this effect. If using seamless login, users will be taken back to the splash page to accept the new terms.

Language versions

Purple templates are available in English and Spanish. Any documents added will not be automatically translated by the platform.

Language versions are available in the platform but the documents need to either be translated before upload or already be in the selected language.

Deletion of terms

Terms can be deleted, though we advise that at least a Privacy Policy is displayed. This means end users can accept the policy and have visibility of data protection officer information when signing up to WiFi.

Marketing Opt-in

This report displays the number of people who have opted-in to marketing and how many have opted-out. The report can be set by custom date range with quick options including seeing the report by day, week, month, or year:

Marketing opt in.png

It is recommended to schedule your report monthly. This enables the report to recognize user actions over time, rather than just their last action. For instance, if a user opts-in during January then opts-out in February, the scheduled report will recognize the person has taken both actions. Whereas if you run the report in isolation for February, for example, only their opt-out status would be taken into account.

A number of different filters can be applied to the data, including: gender, connection method, location, age range, device type, etc.

The category button is an easy way to see the breakdown of users who have opted in vs those who have opted out.

Data can be downloaded in CSV or PDF format.

This opt-in report is only available for Enterprise customers.

Micro Survey improvements

Following customer and internal feedback, further improvements have been made to Micro Surveys. These aim to provide a better user experience with additional accessibility options when creating surveys.


The updates were created to:

  • Improve usability by supporting users to easily find the last edited Micro Survey
  • Enhance accessibility with the ability to use the keyboard when inputting multi-choice questions

These improvements are for customers using the Micro Survey functionality as part of their access journey, and as such are only available to those with an Enterprise license.


The new functionality includes:

A ‘Last Edited’ column on the Micro Survey creation page

Alongside the previous columns of ‘Survey name’, ‘Date created’, ‘Owner’, and ‘Published’, there will now be ‘Last edited’. Micro Surveys will be automatically sorted by the most recently edited, making it easier to keep up-to-date with changes.

Keyboard input when adding Multiple choice answers

After selecting the ‘Multiple choice’ answer type, users previously had to click ‘Add choice’ when inserting an additional answer. Pressing the return/enter key will now also be possible. This provides a faster and more accessible user experience.

Tiered Bandwidth improvements

Further improvements have been made to our Tiered Bandwidth solution. These aim to provide a better user experience with more logical data allowance displays and a streamlined data entry process.


The updates were created to:

  • Display a more user-friendly, logical data allowance to users (e.g. 1 GB rather than 1000 MB)
  • Streamline the user process when connecting to a paid-for service by removing the need to input invoice details


The new functionality includes:

Data allowance display change on the data plan page

The display of data allowance to end users has been simplified. Rather than using an unnecessarily long format, such as 1000 MB or 10,000MB, these have been shortened and rounded, e.g. to 1 GB and 1 TB respectively:

TB improvement.png

Streamlined process for users connecting to paid-for services

When users input their information to connect to a paid-for service, they will no longer need to enter invoice details. This has been removed as it wasn’t required by our payment service providers, and will make the process quicker for end users.

Rather than having to enter personal details, invoice details, and payment details, users now only have to fill the steps of personal and payment information.


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