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Kiosk Setup Guide

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Specifications for digital display units running Purple's Wayfinding are available here

For all of the following, you should be logged in to the web admin site. Purple will have provided your login username and password via email. 

In Next Gen, a partial overlay for advertising is possible. We have previously found that full screen advertising solutions lead to people not realising that the kiosk is a map they can interact with. The partial overlay provides the best of both worlds where end users can be advertised to, but also make sure of the full range of map capabilities. 

Adding a Kiosk

Navigate to the map area where you want to place the kiosk by selecting the appropriate layer from the top-left of the screen after logging in:

Kiosk1 - map layers.png

Next, select the 'Add a kiosk' button from the toolbar (the user walking next to a screen):

Kiosk toolbar.png

Click your desired location for the kiosk on the map. Enter details on the right-hand sidebar which appears, including a unique ID and descriptive name to help make the kiosk easily identifiable. 

You can also select to ‘Show marker’ and/or ‘Show label’. When these are selected, they will appear no matter how far the user is zoomed in or out. This functionality can be useful to better highlight the kiosk's location.

Manage your kiosks

This can be navigated to from either:

1. The location overview tab, found within Maps in the left-hand sidebar (selected by clicking the three lines in the top-left of the screen). Kiosks is one of the three subheadings: 

Kiosk subheading.png

2. The bottom of the right-hand sidebar which appears in the previous step, when adding a kiosk to the map. Select 'Manage all of your kiosks'. 

You will see a list of your kiosks, their unique ID, status (online or offline), which building and floor each kiosk is in, and when they were last active:

Kiosk with unique ID.png

The highlighted Unique ID can be used to search for the kiosk, and is present in the URL to make it easier to bring up a particular kiosk from an admin user's perspective: 

Kiosk URL.png

By clicking on the three dots on the right-hand side of the screen, you can select to 'Edit on map', 'Preview', or 'Delete'. 

'Preview' will display how it looks to users, while 'Delete' removes the kiosk. Upon confirming the deletion, this cannot be undone. 

'Edit on map' opens the map functionality and allows you to:

  • Reposition the kiosk by dragging and dropping it using your mouse
  • Change the display name of the kiosk
  • Alter if the marker and labels show. The marker icon can be changed by clicking the existing icon in the right-hand sidebar menu, then selecting an icon of your choice

Selecting 'Manage all of your kiosks' from the right-hand sidebar menu takes you back to your full list of kiosks.

Kiosk admin display.png


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