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Kiosk User Guide

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General usage

Selecting the magnifying glass at the top left of the screen enables a large touch screen where the destination name can be input:

Kiosk1 - Search functionality.png

There are also common points of interest under the magnifying glass, such as "ATM" or "Amenities" for easy selection. 

Directions can begin from the kiosk or a separate starting location can be input:

Kiosk2 - route.png

Selecting the 'Steps' button will display turn-by-turn directions to the destination:

Kiosk 3 - directions.png

Mobile compatibility

Once directions are visible, a QR code will show in the top-right of the screen:


Kiosk 4 - QR code.png

Scanning this with your phone will copy the route onto your phone for reference while walking. This includes turn-by-turn directional information as well as the ability to share the route with others.

Additional functionality 

The magnifying lens buttons in the left-hand side of the kiosk screen can be used to zoom in and out which can help with visual impairments. 

Selecting the accessibility icon (Wheelchair icon.png) will shift all buttons towards the bottom of the screen for easier reach.


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