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Enabling Apple Pay for Tiered Bandwidth

Configuration Steps include:

  1. Log in to the portal at the customer level
  2. Navigate to the Access Journeys section via the Onboarding left-hand sidebar menu option
  3. Select the desired access journey for which you want to enable Apple Pay
  4. From the Tiered Bandwidth tab, select the Apple Pay box to enable it as a payment option
  5. From the dropdown menu, select Stripe:Apple Pay 1.png
  6. A terms and conditions popup will appear. Read through the terms and click "Proceed" to confirm your selection of Stripe as the payment handler
  7. Ensure that at least one additional payment option is selected along with Apple Pay. If Apple Pay is the only selected payment option, an error message will be displayed when attempting to save the access journey: Apple Pay toast error message.png
  8. Save the access journey configuration

When publishing the access journey, the following pop up will display: 

Apple Pay Compatibility.png

The Walled Garden Domain Whitelist page displays the domains that need whitelisted for supported hardware. 

Refund Functionality

Refunds for payments made via Apple Pay are managed via the 'Billing and Purchases' section, found within the My Account navigation drop down in the top right of the portal:


The list of transactions within 'Billing and Purchases' will only show a refund button against transactions if your setup has refunds enabled. For assistance with enabling refunds, contact our support team via the chat functionality.

The whole amount can be refunded or a specific amount, which must be between the smallest currency unit (e.g. £0.01) and the total order value. 

Successful refunds, including partial refunds, are reflected in the Stripe dashboard, with email notifications provided upon completion.


To test the solution: 

1. Connect to WiFi as a guest user

2. Verify the Apple Pay option is available alongside other payment methods

3. Select Apple Pay as the payment method and complete a test transaction

4. Confirm that the payment is successfully processed and reflected in your Stripe account

5. Test the refund functionality by initiating a refund through the customer portal and verifying that the refund is processed correctly

If you encounter any issues during the setup or testing process, please contact our support team via the chat functionality.


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