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Follow On Form

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Within the platform's Splash Pages section, mandatory questions can be set for users who are logging in to your WiFi via social media. These display to the end user as a 'Follow on form'.

This Form will display when there is mandatory information required from the user which wasn't captured as part of the social media login. The mandatory requirements are taken from the Form Settings: 

How to set up the Follow On Form

  1. Click Onboarding > Splash pages and open a splash page template. Select the form as a connection method: 

follow on form1.png

  1. Click the edit option (the pen icon) to open the Form Settings:

    follow on form3.png

    If you don't want the Form to remain as a login method, temporarily add it to check the settings. Then, remove it as a login method before you save the changes.

    If you don't include the Form as a log in option on your splash page, the follow on form still appears to collect data for the fields which are not defined as optional.

  2. Any fields which are enabled and not optional must be completed to access the WiFi. If the data is not collected as part of the social media login, the follow on form appears so the visitor can complete the missing information. In the following, the First name, Last name, and Date of Birth would be required:

    follow on form settings.png

    The login always requires either the email address or mobile phone number to access the WiFi. The social login usually contains the email address.

    The Mobile No. field cannot be changed to telephone number. To add the telephone number as an option on the form, use Custom fields.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Form Settings and enable 'Social Logins'. Users will be asked a maximum of two questions per visit. End users will continue to be asked two questions per visit while required data remains absent. 

    Questions are asked in the order that they appear in the Form Settings.

follow on form2.png

  1. Click Save to update the form. To save the splash page with the changes to the form, you also need to click Save in the top-right of the screen. For the change to impact end users, you need to ensure the splash page is part of an Access journey.

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