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WiFi Registration Form Settings

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When you create splash pages, you can add a registration form as a login method. This can be in addition to providing the option of logging in through social media. Within the form settings you can configure the fields on the form to choose which fields appear, and which are mandatory.

The registration form can be simplified to include only a mandatory email address or phone number. One of these methods needs to be enabled in order to use the form as a login method.

Note: The Mobile No. field cannot be changed to Telephone Number. To add Telephone Number as an option on the form, use Custom fields.


To show one of the default fields on your form, use the Enabled slider. You can choose whether to make the field mandatory by using the Optional slider. You can also change the order of the questions with the grab handles .

The following options are also available:

Add section header

Adds a heading to a question or group of questions. This helps to break the form content up into sections.

Add custom field

If the standard fields don't capture the information you require, you can add your own custom fields. Selection and Boolean must be preconfigured within Custom Fields. Select from one of the following:

  • Text - This is a free text field specific to this form only, you can apply validation from the following:
    • Text - text only content

    • Number - numerical values only

    • Alphanumeric - text and numbers

    • CPF (Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas) - Tax identification number for Brazil

    • DNI (Documento Nacional de Identidad (Perú)) - Tax identification number for Peru

    • NIT (Número de Identificación Tributaria) - Tax identification number in Mexico

    • RUT (Rol Único Tributario) - Tax identification number for Chile

  • Selection - Use this option to choose a Single choice (drop-down list) or Multiple choice (check boxes) custom field.
  • Boolean - Use this option to choose a Boolean (check box) custom field.

Short WiFi Registration Form 

You may want to give your visitors easy access to the WiFi and get them online quickly, for example, at an event or conference where visitors have already registered to attend. Visitors have to agree to the terms and conditions when they connect to the WiFi so the login cannot be removed and you cannot pre-register visitors. You can, however, reduce the registration form to just the email field to provide an efficient login method.

    1. Click OnboardingSplash pages and select the required splash page.

    2. Click the edit button on Form to open the Form Settings.

follow on form3.png

  1. Ensure Email is enabled and all other fields are not enabled.


  2. Click Save, to save the splash page click Save again. You must ensure this splash page is part of an Access journey.

Custom Field

You may want the visitor to qualify the login with the event name or event code. You can do this with a custom field. To add a custom field:

Within Form Settings click Add custom field.

For a free text field, choose Text. The information the visitor enters is stored within MarketingCRM. You can export this information after the event to compare this with the registration details of the clients.

Alternatively, you can use Custom fields to give the visitor a selection of events to choose from as a drop-down or list of check boxes.

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