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LogicFlow v2 Example Videos

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Common LogicFlows set-ups are covered below. For a full list of possible scenarios within LogicFlow v2, please see our support page.


This video shows a simple micro-survey set-up, followed by introducing the condition that it will only show for female visitors. Learn more about micro-surveys here


Visit number

See how to set up different outcomes based on how many times a person has visited within a designated time period:



Show content depending on when it's your visitor's birthday; including on the day itself:


NPS Surveys

The process of showing an NPS survey to visitors, and tailoring content based on their responses:


Redirect Users

A video showing how to set up a redirect for users, with this version based on the weather outside. This uses LogicFlow's Online functionality, where you can program redirects or splash pages based on a variety of factors. The full list of events available within online are available here



Media can be shown to visitors based on a wide variety of options. In the following example, we build a simple flow showing all visitors a video; followed by the option to show only people aged over 65 the specific video content:


Splash Page - Pre-Authentication

This video shows the ability to have different splash pages for visitors depending on such factors as the venue they visited and the day of visit. The full list of events available within the pre-authentication option are available here



Webhooks allow data to be pushed into your internal CRM systems in real time. The below example shows how webhooks can be added to a LogicFlow - in this case, used for customers who are able to be reached via email. Learn more about webhooks here


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