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Micro Surveys

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Micro surveys collect valuable data and insight from your visitors, giving you a complete and well rounded understanding of customer sentiment. You can ask your visitors specific questions about their visit to help you understand what works and what improvements could be made.

You can create and customize surveys to send to visitors either when they are connecting to WiFi, or after they have visited your venue.

Micro surveys can be optional or you can set them to mandatory so visitors must complete the survey in order to access the guest WiFi. Responses are anonymized and aggregated into reports within CampaignsMicro Surveys, which you can download to export the information. 

To access Micro Surveys, click MarketingMicro Surveys.

New micro survey

  1. Click Create new micro survey, add a survey name and choose the ownership level.

  2. Click OK, in Question 1, within the Question field, add the question you want to ask the visitor.

  3. Within Answer Type, choose one of the following:

    • Rating - Visitors can rate their answer from one to five. With this option you can also select an Answer Style from stars, circles and smiley faces.

    • Multiple choice - Visitors select the answer from a list of predefined choices. To add a choice, click Add choice, you can have a maximum of five choices.

    • Text box - Visitors can type their answer into a free text box.

  4. To add another question, click Add question. You can have a combination of different answer types within one survey.

  5. Complete the survey settings as follows:

    Survey name

    Shows the survey name, you can amend, if required.

    Survey introduction text

    Add a short introduction to the survey so the visitor knows why they have received it.

    User can opt out of the survey

    Visitors can choose to opt out of the survey.

    Include within visitor's access journey

    The survey appears when the visitor logs in to the WiFi as part of the access journey. The visitor must complete the survey to gain access to the WiFi.

    Delay and send via email

    Sends the survey approximately two hours after the visitor's visit.

  6. Click Save.

    To see how the survey present to your visitors you can preview it. To start sending the survey to visitors you must publish it and add it to an access journey.

Preview a survey

To preview a survey to see how this presents to your visitors, within the micro survey, click Preview.

Publish a survey

To publish the survey, within the micro survey, click Publish. To send the micro survey to visitors, you must add it to an access journey.

Once the survey is published you cannot edit the questions, if you need to change the questions you must set up a new survey.

Add the survey to an access journey

  1. Click OnboardingAccess journeys, select the access journey you want to add the survey to.

  2. Click Micro Survey, from the Micro survey template drop-down, choose the survey you want to add.

  3. Save and publish the access journey. For more information about how to set up and configure access journeys, refer to Access Journey.

View the responses

To view the responses of a survey, click CampaignsMicro Surveys and select the required survey. For more information about the results, refer to Campaigns.

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