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NPS Surveys

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NPS surveys are used to gauge your visitor’s overall satisfaction and loyalty to your brand. Deliver an NPS survey to visitors as they connect to your guest WiFi and begin to build a picture of visitor sentiment. The data collected helps you further improve the experience and make better business decisions.

The results of NPS Surveys are available within CampaignsNPS Surveys.

To access NPS Surveys, click MarketingNPS Surveys.

New NPS survey

  1. Click New survey, add a survey name and choose the owner level. You can only have one published survey for each level.

  2. Click OK, complete the survey questions as follows:

    NPS Overall Question

    This question cannot be changed as NPS uses a standard metric based on the likelihood that a respondent would recommend the company, product or service to a friend or colleague.

    0 to 6 Response question

    Add a question you want to ask the visitor if they respond with a number between 0 and 6. For example, "What can we do to improve your experience next time?"

    7 to 8 Response question

    Add a question you want to ask the visitor if they respond with 7 or 8. For example, "What can we do to provide you with an even better experience?"

    9 to 10 Response question

    Add a question you want to ask the visitor if they respond with 9 or 10. For example, "Thank you for your feedback, what did you enjoy the most during your visit?"

  3. Complete the survey settings as follows:

    Survey name

    Shows the survey name, you can amend, if required.

    Send out delay in hours

    The number of hours you want to wait to send the NPS survey to the visitor, after the visit.

    Survey logo

    Click Browse to locate and upload your company logo.
  4. Click Save survey.

    To start sending the survey to visitors, you must publish it.

Test a survey

To test the survey, within the NPS survey, click Send test.

Publish a survey

To publish the survey, within the NPS survey, click Publish. This starts sending the survey to visitors after their visit.

Amend a survey

If you need to make changes to a survey that has already been published, within the survey click Unpublish survey, make the required changes and then publish the survey again.

View the responses

To view the responses of an survey, click CampaignsNPS Surveys and select the required survey. For more information about the results, refer to Campaigns.

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