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Interstitial Video

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Interstitial video allows portal users to set a video to play as part of the access journey when a visitor is connecting – great for advertising specific offers or promotions to help drive uptake. Different videos can be played to different visitors based on certain demographic and behavioral data for a completely customized experience.

The video plays before the visitor connects, it auto plays muted on the initial play but the visitor can choose to unmute. The visitor can choose to skip the video after a configured interval period.

Upload media

To set up an interstitial video, first you need to upload your media. To do this, click Marketing > Media Manager and upload your video.

Add the video to a logic flow

  1. To add the video to a logic flow, click LogicFlow > Add logic flow.

  2. Add a name, from the Type drop-down, select Interstitial and click Create.

  3. Select any of the required Decision nodes and select Media as the Action node. For more information about the Decision and Action nodes, refer to LogicFlow. The following parameters are available for the media action node:

    Media file

    Choose the required video from the drop-down. This only shows videos which are in a 'ready' state.

    Skip media delay

    Choose how long the user has to wait before they can skip the video, between 10, 15 and 30 seconds.

    Skip media position

    Choose the location you want the skip option to appear in, on the video.

  4. Add an End node, link all of the nodes together and click Save.

Add the media to the access journey

  1. Click Onboarding > Access Journeys, select the access journey you want to add the interstitial video to.

  2. Click Logic Flows and on the Interstitial panel choose the logic flow for the interstitial video you want to show.

  3. Click SavePublish.

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