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Use the data collected via our captive WiFi portal to tailor your visitor engagement with LogicFlow, our drag and drop marketing automation tool.

LogicFlow allows you to trigger specific communications based on visitor demographics and behaviors. For example, you can redirect visitors who visit your venue more than five times to a loyalty page on your website to drive app downloads, or you can welcome your brand new visitors with an email or SMS message when they connect.

Available trigger nodes include visits, email address, birthday, age, gender, browser, operating system, weather, venue, SSID, hardware type and many more.

  1. Select ‘Add logic flow’ to create a new flow.

  2. Enter the name in the name field and select the type and ownership level from the dropdowns.

  3. Select ‘Create’ to build the new logic flow.

  1. Move around the build area by dragging the mouse pointer or using the navigation arrows. Select the ‘Home’ icon to center the view or use the zoom bar to change magnification.

  2. Select the desired nodes by dragging them onto the build area.

  3. Edit node parameters by selecting the ‘+’ symbol and selecting the desired parameters from the ‘Node Parameters’ dropdown. Select ‘Apply’ to set changes or ‘Close’ to go back.

  4. Connect nodes by dragging the connectors.

  5. Delete nodes by selecting the ‘x’ symbol to remove them from the flow.

Start and End nodes are required to begin and terminate the flow respectively. End nodes must be included in order for the flow to conclude fully.

Decision nodes offer the opportunity to select either/or options and direct the flow according to the answer.

Action nodes trigger the corresponding activity.

The options differ depending on the type of LogicFlow, Offline, Online and Interstitial, the following shows which options are available for which type of flow:

  1. Edit the Access Journey you wish to assign the Logic Flow to.

  2. Select your Logic Flow from the relevant section, depending on its type (Offline/Interstitial/Online).

  3. Save/publish the Access Journey.

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