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Harness powerful analytics covering engagement and reach of your campaigns with downloadable reports. Campaigns show you the results of Micro surveys, NPS surveys and any communication sent as a campaign. You can see the number of views and clicks for each campaign, broken down into visitor demographics so you get a true picture of who your campaigns appeal to the most.


Marketing shows you all the number of clicks for any e-shots and text communications you have set up as campaigns:

To look at the details of the clicks including by visitor demographic, select View full report.

Micro Surveys

Micro Surveys shows you the results of all surveys sent to your visitors:

Selecting View full report shows a breakdown of the survey responses for each question:

NPS Surveys

The NPS Survey results show you the number of promoters, detractors, and the overall NPS score. It also shows the total number of participants, emails sent and the response rate. You can see a live trend for the past 12 months so you can spot any spikes and compare that to what happened in the store that month to cause this. You can also use filters to view the data as live, weekly, monthly , yearly or overall.

To view visitors responses, their demographics and their comments, click Show NPS breakdown and on the relevant survey, click View responses.

Download a campaign report

  1. Within the campaign details, apply the required date range and filters and click Download.

    If it's an NPS survey the PDF download starts immediately.

  2. If it's a marketing campaign, you can choose if you want to download Immediately, Daily, Weekly or Monthly.

    If you select Daily, Weekly or Monthly you can choose which day you want to receive it on and which email address you want it sent to.

  3. To download the report now, select Immediately and click either Download PDF now or Download CSV now.

Schedule a campaign report

You can only schedule marketing campaign reports, this option is not available for NPS or Micro surveys.

  1. Within the campaign details, apply the required date range and filters and click Download.

  2. Select Daily, Weekly or Monthly.

  3. Specify which day(s) you want to receive the report on and enter the email address you want to send the report to.

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