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Step-by-step: Set up Social Login Methods

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Enable social media authentication on your splash pages

To access the necessary toggles, navigate to Management > Venues > Access Methods.

More information is available on our Access Methods page. 

Screenshot of Access Methods including Facebook, X, and LinkedIn

Configure your domains

To support social media authentication, domains must be configured under the walled garden.

To do this, visit our Walled Garden Domain Whitelist and select your hardware type for the list of URLs that need added.

Build your splash page

When building your splash page, there are two options: via our standard splash page builder, and using HTML.

If using the standard builder, connection method options display automatically:

To build your splash page using HTML, a good knowledge of HTML is required. CSS and JavaScript knowledge is also helpful.

We have content designed to assist with this:

  • Our Quick Start Guide contains templates and code for adding social media authentication buttons
  • Our Snippets page has code you can embed to render common elements
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