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Splash Page Builder - Standard

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When you create or edit a splash page using the standard type it creates a simple form to choose which elements to include. If you require a more customizable splash page and are familiar with HTML you can use HTML templates.

The splash page builder is split into modules in the following sections:

  • Header - This includes the header image, connection methods, company logo and the about us text.

  • Content - Add useful modules to your splash page from the Purple content library, such as, social feeds, local weather or general content.

You can add and move modules on your pages as required.




Delete a module.

Removes or applies a background co lour.

Moves the position of the module on the page.

Changes the color of the background or text.

Changes the header co lour on the header and content modules to a preset color.

Changes the header co lour on the header and content modules to a custom color.

Picks a color from the screen to change the header color on the header and content modules to.

Use the grab handles to reorganize elements.

Add a header element to include text or a title for the module.

Add an image to the module. If you upload more than one image you can create an image slider within the module.

Add text to the module.

Increase or decrease the module size.


Splash page general page.png


The header logo is the venue or company logo, to upload your logo select Upload your header logo, browse to the logo image and select Open.


Add some introductory text to welcome the user to your WiFi login page.

Connection method

Connection methods

Select the required connection methods you would like users to access to login to your WiFi. You can have a maximum of six connection methods. To use social media login methods you must set these up in ManagementVenuesAccess Methods.

To add a login method for staff to use to differentiate visitor logins from staff logins, refer to Staff WiFi.


You can arrange the connection methods and change the background color of the text. You can also edit the form settings to determine what fields appear on your WiFi registration forms.

Header Image

This displays as the background image on your page, if you add more than one image it creates an image slider. To upload an image, select Add image, browse to the required image and select Open. The following options are also available:

Set textbox transparent

Textbox is transparent with no background color.

Set header height manually

Manually enter a fixed header height in pixels.

Full size background image

Use a full size background image that fills the full page and not just the header.

Tile the background image

This only appears if you enable Full size background image. This tiles the image across the full screen.


Multi-purpose content box

Use this element to add a header or title, images and text.

X feed

X feed.png

Shows the X feed for your venue. This must be set up within ManagementVenuesLinked Networks.

Local weather

Shows the weather feed for the next nine days, you can edit the weather location or use the default location from your venue.

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