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License Management

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Note: This is only available to Purple partners and white labels.

License management allows you to view and manage licenses you have purchased from Purple.

Enterprise and Network licenses are standard or 'base' level licenses and are automatically assigned by the Purple platform. If you have licenses for additional services, such as Web Filtering for Protect, Location or Presences services, you must manually assign these licenses to the required access points.

You can access this at partner or white label level, within Management > License management. You can search for a specific company, apply a date range and use the filter options to view expired licenses, different license types and to identify licenses that have not yet been assigned.

Assign a license

You can only assign licenses to the company for which they have been purchased, you cannot move licenses between companies.

  1. Locate the company with the search option or filter the list by assigned status to identify the license you want to assign.

  2. Click Assign, choose either the Venue or the Hardware you want to assign it to and click Assign Company.

You can assign more than one license to a piece of hardware, to review which licenses are assigned to an access point, within the venue click ManagementVenuesHardware.

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