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Licensing Status

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Purple’s Licensing status report allows platform users to get a single view of available licenses (i.e. Enterprise, Network, Presence, etc.), and associated license status (i.e. licensed or unlicensed).

Access Licensing Status

To access the Licensing status report, at customer level click Management > Licensing status. Click on any of the values to drill down into the detail of each tile.


You can filter the Licensing status report by ‘licenses’ and/or ‘customers’. It is also possible to filter by multiple licenses and/or multiple customers. At the customer level, only the license filter is present.

Note: The customer filter is only available at the partner view. Customers do not have access to this feature.

Download the data

You can download the full report as a CSV or PDF from the options.

To download the data from an individual tile, click the options on that tile.

Note: The data shows a maximum of 500 rows on screen. To ensure you download all of the data, ensure the Number of rows to include is set to All results within Advanced data options.

You can download data as a TXT, Excel Spreadsheet, CSV, JSON, HTML, Markdown or PNG file. There are also advanced options when you download the data.


With visualization options applied

If you have re-labeled any of the columns, hidden data or any other visual change to the table, these are included in the download.

As displayed in the data table

This downloads the underlying data and does not include any visual changes.

Data values


The data is pre-formatted to show rounded values and special characters.


The formatting is removed so no rounding or special characters are included.

Number of rows to include

Current result table

This only downloads the data that is shown in the table so any additional rows or columns which are not shown do not appear in the download.

All results

Downloads all of the data for all rows and columns.


You can specify the number of rows to include.

Total estate

Total number of licenses in the estate.

License breakdown

Proportion of different license types.

Expiring License Summary

Summary of license types and expiry dates.

Expiring license summary - Active licenses

Summary of active licenses and their expiry date.

Expiring license summary - Inactive licenses

A summary of the licenses that are not yet live by type and expiry date. These may be licenses you have chosen to activate from a future date.

Customer Summary

License summary broken down by customer, this is only available at the partner view. Customers do not have access to this feature.

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