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WiFi Access Hours

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WiFi Access Hours allows Portal users to define their WiFi ‘opening hours’; the times in which visitors can/cannot connect to the venue WiFi.

During the WiFi ‘opening hours’, visitors are redirected to an access journey as normal. Outside of the WiFi ‘opening hours’ set by the user, visitors can be presented with a custom ‘Out of hours’ splash page.

To access this click ManagementWiFi Access Hours.

WiFi Access Hours Template

WiFi Access Hours Templates are available at company, group and venue level. A company user can see all defined templates at their company plus any which exist at lower levels (i.e. group and venue). You can create multiple templates, for example, you may want to create a template for standard opening hours and summer holiday opening hours.

  1. To create WiFi Access Hours templates select Management and WiFi Access Hours.

  2. This opens the WiFi Access Hours page, select Create new, enter a template name and select Create template.

  3. Select the Active check box for each day the venue is open and enter the opening hours in 24 hour format in From and To. The time bands are always compared to the current time in the venue time zone.

    You can also add multiple opening hour bands, this is useful for venues where opening hours are staggered, for example, a pharmacy which opens from 08:00 to 12:00, closes for an hour over lunch and re-opens from 13:00 to 18:00. To add a band use the plus icon.

  4. To update the template with these hours, select Save changes.

    Once the opening hours are set up, you need to assign the template to an access journey. You must also ensure you have an out of hours splash page, refer to Splash Pages.

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