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The following features are new to Purple products in 2023:

Communication Limits

Communication Limits mean restrictions can now be set on the number of Eshots or SMS messages sent to a WiFi user within a designated period of time.

The time limits that can be set for Eshot and SMS communications are:

  • Daily (per 24 hour period)
  • Weekly (per 7 day period)
  • Monthly (per 28 day period)

If the existing count exceeds any of the limits for each of the three intervals, then the communication is not sent.

By default once enabled, the limits for each time period are set to 0 until configured. If any time period limit is set to 0 then no communications will be sent.

Limits can be configured for more than one time period. The feature checks whether the user should be sent a communication based on daily, weekly and monthly limits:


The limitation number is based on the total number of Eshots or SMS messages that have been sent to the WiFi user at the customer, group or venue level.

‘Email’ limits include Eshots only. Other types of email communication dispatched by the Portal application are not currently subject to limits, such as Post Authentication Micro Survey emails.

The implementation of this feature is available to Portal users with the customer manager role. Communication limits can be set without the need for a valid WiFi license.

Worldpay Connector

Worldpay is available to support payment of Purple’s tiered bandwidth functionality.

Our tiered bandwidth solution enables visitors to be charged for their WiFi usage. Worldpay is usable as one of the options for managing payments alongside options such as Paypal, Windcave, and card.

By clicking the ‘Pay by card’ button at the payment stage, users will be redirected to the relevant payment page:


The Worldpay connector is implemented at the management level of Purple and whitelabel portals. It can be found in the portal by selecting ‘Management’ then ‘Connectors’ from the left-hand sidebar. After implementing Worldpay, the new payment method checkbox appears within the Tiered Bandwidth tab on the access journey editor. For full set-up instructions, check our Worldpay support site page.

Connectors enable additional capabilities through the integration of external API data. There is a full list of our available connectors and corresponding setup information here.

The Worldpay integration also supports refund management. For more information on managing refunds through Worldpay, check our support page or contact our support team.  


User Recents

User Recents is a new feature that remembers the customer, group or venue that a Partner Portal user has recently impersonated.

It allows the user to access up to 5 recently impersonated objects and quickly edit or ‘re-impersonate’ the object without having to search again:


This means Partner Portal users can:

  • Maintain a history of the objects they have impersonated 
  • Quickly impersonate a recent object after exiting the Customer Portal or having a session expire, with recently impersonated objects remaining in place for subsequent logins

The feature is available at partner level so is not accessible by company, group or venue managers. All users who have a Reseller (Partner) user role and above have access.

User Recents is found within the Partner Portal’s search functionality. The user simply needs to select the magnifying glass in the top-right of the screen as normal, then click the ‘Recents’ tab:


If an object is impersonated more than once, it will still show as a single item. The last item impersonated will appear at the top of the list.

User Recents has a validation feature to ensure that items in the ‘Recents’ list remain in scope of the user.

When a Reseller role or above impersonates a user, the ‘Recents’ list for the impersonated user will not be created or updated.

Phone Number Validation

Phone Number Validation helps ensure valid phone numbers are input in the portal. This aims to support user messaging by increasing the amount of correct phone numbers. It also encourages inclusion of phone numbers through a more user-friendly experience.

Features include:

  • Automatic insertion of the country code after selecting the appropriate country (e.g. +1 for the U.S.)
  • Formatting support, with spaces in the number and a ‘0’ following the country code being accepted (for example, +44 0 123 455 7890 will be recognized as correct)
  • Recognition when the phone number doesn’t have the correct number of digits (e.g. +44123456 will not be accepted)

The insertion of a telephone or mobile number isn’t mandatory for users. If a number is inserted it has to be valid, though, as with the below number:


This update has been implemented in the portal at partner and customer level:

  • When creating or editing users
  • On the ‘My account’ page

RTLS Email Limiting

Our Email Limiting feature stops RTLS users from receiving Portal platform emails that are not relevant to them. This aims to reduce confusion and help ensure only pertinent information is provided.

The new feature provides control over the process, with the Portal now including an administrator level toggle found in Company Management > Settings:


Administrator rights are required, meaning only Purple developers and the support team can control whether RTLS is enabled for the company.

Once this has been enabled, the company and all its groups, venues and users will be treated as RTLS only customers. This means they will not receive WiFi specific emails.

The following emails will not be sent to RTLS users when enabled:

  • Login reminder
  • Inactive router
  • Weekly statistics report
  • Scheduled reports (Analytics)
  • Bulk CSV upload completed notification (CRM)
  • Notifications to distributors upon license order creation
  • LogicFlow V1 occupancy alerts
  • Free Marketing Limit Reached notification
  • Invalid SMS provider notification
  • Network activity alert notifications
  • New user account created email
  • Password reset email
  • Not logged in for X days reminder email
  • Router activation email

‘New user’ and ‘Forgot password’ emails will also not be sent to RTLS enabled users. If an RTLS customer attempts to perform a password reset, the RTLS company owner will have to use the Portal user administration area to reset the password on their behalf.

Customer Logo Control

New settings have been added to the Portal, allowing customers to manage the display of logos on the WiFi access journey. Customers will be able to replace the White Label logo with their own company logo when the relevant settings are enabled.

This feature is available to all users with the Company Manager role and above. It adds two levels of settings:

White Label setting: A new option to ‘Allow companies to replace the White Label logo on the WiFi journey’ has been added in the White Label Portal’s ‘General settings’. This allows White Label administrators to control whether their customers are able to replace the default White Label logo. By default, this setting is enabled:


Customer setting: This is available to all users with a Company Manager user role when the above White Label setting is enabled. It can be found within ‘Customer Management’ > ‘Settings’:


Enabling this option will display the company logo to end WiFi users, if a logo has been uploaded. This applies to:

  • The terms agreement pop-up on Splash Pages
  • Policy documents such as the WiFi End User License Agreement (EULA), Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and Custom Terms
  • Interstitial pages where logos are presented, e.g. Micro surveys

Web Filtering & Performance Improvements

Web filtering fixes and performance improvements have been implemented after issues were raised with our support team.

Updates to web filtering reports mean they:

  • Query data for all in scope venues when at Customer or Group level
  • Maintain a 30-minute data cache to enhance performance
  • Are now accessible at Customer and Group level via the navigation menu ( Analytics > Network > Web filtering ). When the Customer or Group has a valid Protect license, the report link will be displayed to the user

Further updates to improve the user experience include:

Reduction in real-time data retrieval

Multi-venue data queries will no longer retrieve real-time WebTitan API data for the current day when two or more venues are in scope.

The previous process heavily impacted performance and was time-consuming for the user. Users should view reports at a single Venue level to see current day real-time data.

Improved domain exclusion access

Domain exclusion settings can now be configured and saved by Customer and Group mangers for ‘Top requested’ and ‘Top blocked’ domain reports.

Settings are saved at the scope they are configured at. Saving at an individual user level is not currently possible.

Domain exclusion filter settings are now available in the demo portal

This enables the user to save domain exclusion settings at the Customer or Venue level. If a reset is performed, any changed settings will revert to default.

New Unifi Controller set up process

If you are running v7.0 or above of a UniFi controller, there is a new set up process to follow.

Step-by-step instructions are available to view here.

Micro Survey Improvements

Micro survey improvements have been implemented to provide a better user experience with more comprehensive options when creating surveys.

Micro surveys are one of our most popular platform features. As part of our continual investment in our products, in this release we have addressed a number of feedback items we've received from our customers.

The updates were created to:

  • Help customers reduce survey creation time by allowing reordering of questions
  • Enable greater survey flexibility by not having strict limits on number of characters

These improvements are for customers using the micro survey functionality as part of their access journey, and as such are only available to those with an enterprise license. 

The new features include:

Increased character limits in the introduction box

There was previously a 92 character limit. This has been enlarged to 5,000 characters:


Increased question character limits

The character limit has been enlarged from 98 characters, to 5,000:


Questions can now be reordered

Prior to publishing, questions can be moved up and down without having to be deleted and rewritten. When a question is reordered, the question number will update automatically to correspond with the new order:


Customers are provided with a brief walkthrough the first time they visit the page. This will not reappear when closed unless ‘Remind me later’ is chosen, in which case a daily reminder will show until the walkthrough is completed or the ‘X’ is selected:


Custom Terms: Machine Translation Removal

Custom Terms’ machine translation functionality has been removed as part of continuous improvements to our platform. This was undertaken as:

  1. It’s important that translation responsibility resides with the customer to avoid any confusion, miscommunication, or legal liability
  2. Our upcoming Terms Management changes will provide customers with the option to efficiently manage Custom Terms translations themselves through self-serve

The change means the user toggle ‘Would you like us to translate your custom terms?’ within the platform’s Access Journey section is no longer available. The ‘Create a language version’ option now includes the following choices:

Custom terms translation.png

Any previously created translations will remain in place.


Tiered Bandwidth Reusable Vouchers

Reusable voucher codes are now available within Tiered Bandwidth. This means that one code can be used by multiple customers. Vouchers remain valid until the expiry date, which is set within the platform.

Benefits include:

  • Saving customer time and effort by reducing the need to create multiple voucher codes
  • Improvements to end user satisfaction. Fewer expired codes will be input as not every voucher will be a single use code as was previously the case

Additional metrics are also now available for vouchers, including for non-reusable codes.


This update provides further insight into the use of voucher codes.

For more information, see our Tiered Bandwidth Metrics section.


Reusable vouchers are implemented via the Management > Tiered Bandwidth option from the platform’s left-hand side menu. They can only be implemented at Company level; not at Group or Venue level.

For full instructions, including the end user process, visit our support site page.

Twitter to X

Twitter has been updated to X in the Purple platform.

Across the platform, all mentions of Twitter in text and logo form have been updated to the new name of ‘X’. With this change, end users will see X instead of Twitter across splash pages and when using social media authentication methods.

This update was requested by a number of customers, with benefits including:

  • An up-to-date user experience
  • Improved splash page visual appeal
  • Additional customer satisfaction by meeting requirements
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