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Aruba Instant On

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Aruba Instant On does not support RADIUS authentication and accounting. Therefore, some reports in the portal like users online now and network reports will be unavailable. Tiered Bandwidth is also unavailable.
There are two ways to configure an Instant On AP - either through the cloud portal or via the mobile app.


Configuring through the cloud portal:

Log in to your Aruba Instant On portal at https://portal.arubainstanton.com/.

Step 1 - Networks

Click the Networks icon and then Add a new network. Configure with:

Network Name
Guest WiFi (or whatever you wish)
Network type

Press Save to confirm. Next, on the network you just created, click the Customize guest portal link and configure with:

Portal type
Server URL
*insert access_url here*
Redirect URL
*insert redirect_url here*
Whitelisted domains

Please refer to this list.

Send RADIUS Accounting
Primary RADIUS Server IP
*insert radius_server_ip here*
Primary RADIUS Server Secret
*insert radius_secret here*
Secondary RADIUS Server
Secondary RADIUS Server IP
*insert radius_server2_ip here*
Secondary RADIUS Server Secret
*insert radius_secret here*

Press Apply changes to save.


The configuration is now complete.


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