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IMPORTANT: You require firmware version 3.9.1 or above to continue.


Log in to the Moovbox web interface and click Bridge Groups on the left. Interfaces on the left. Under the Access Point group click Edit. Configure the following:

  • IP Address:
  • Subnet Mask:
  • DHCP: Use DHCP
  • Range Start:
  • Range End:

Click Apply to Save. Next, click the Edit Captive Portal button on the same page. Configure the following:

  • Mode: RADIUS Based
  • RADIUS Server: *insert radius_server here*
  • RADIUS Server 2: *insert radius_server2 here*
  • RADIUS Secret: *insert radius_secret here*
  • UAM Server URL: *insert access_url here*
  • UAM Secret: *insert uam_secret here*
  • Authentication Port: 1812
  • Accounting Port: 1813
  • UAM Allowed Domains List: *insert access_domain here*,venuwifi.com,cloudfront.net,openweathermap.org,stripe.com

Additionally. if you wish to support social network logins, you also need to add the domains below for each network you plan to support.

Facebook facebook.com,fbcdn.net,akamaihd.net,connect.facebook.net
Twitter twitter.com,twimg.com
LinkedIn linkedin.com,licdn.com
Instagram instagram.com,akamaihd.net
Weibo weibo.com,login.sina.com.cn
VKontakte vk.me,vk.com


Click Apply to Save. Next, click Virtual AP on the left, and under Add configure the following:

  • ESSID: Guest WiFi (or whatever you wish)
  • Interface: WiFi
  • Bridge Group: Access Point
  • Hide ESSID: Disabled
  • L2 Isolation: Enabled
  • Encryption Type: None

Click Add to Save. Finally, click Save & reboot on the left then the Save and Reboot button to confirm.



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