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Proxim AP-9100 series

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Log in to your AP and on the left menu click Configuration > Network > Hotspot. Configure with the following:

  • Hotspot Status: Enabled
  • Session Timeout: 5 Hr
  • Device Mgmt Access: Both
  • Portal URL: *insert access_url here*
  • Portal Secret: *insert uam_secret here*
  • User Name: proxim-user
  • User Password: proxim-pass
  • Unique ID: This should be your AP Ethernet MAC, i.e. 00-20-A6-12-34-56 and may be pre-populated
  • Primary Radius Server: *insert radius_server here*
  • Secondary Radius Server: *insert radius_server2 here*
  • Radius Shared Secret: *insert radius_secret here*

Under the Hotspot Walled Garden Table, add the required domains one at a time by clicking the Add button. Please refer to this list.

Press OK to Save. Next, click Commit at the top left and then Reboot.

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