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Ruckus Unleashed

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Log in to your Ruckus Unleashed interface.


Click the arrow beside the Admin & Services header and then choose Services > AAA Servers from the left menu. Under Authentication Servers click the Create New link. Configure with the following:

  • Name: guestwifi
  • Type: RADIUS
  • Auth Method: PAP
  • Backup RADIUS: Enabled
  • First Server:

    IP Address: *insert radius_server_ip here*
    Port: 1812
    Shared Secret: *insert radius_secret here*
    Confirm Secret: as above

  • Second Server:

    IP Address: *insert radius_server2_ip here*
    Port: 1812
    Shared Secret: *insert radius_secret here*
    Confirm Secret: as above
Click OK to Save. Next, click on Hotspot Services on the left menu. Under Hotspot Servers click the Create New link. Configure with the following:
On the General tab:
  • Name: guestwifi
  • Login Page: *insert access_url here*
  • Start Page: redirect to the following URL: *insert redirect_url here*
  • Session Timeout: 1440 minutes
  • Grace Period: 30 minutes
  • Intrusion Prevention: Disabled
On the Authentication tab:
  • Authentication Server: guestwifi
  • Isolate wireless client trafic from other clients on the same AP: Enabled
On the Walled Garden tab we need to add multiple entries. For each of the below domains, click Create New and enter the domain in the Destination Address field:
*.*insert access_domain here*

If you wish to support social network logins, you also need to add the following domains for each network you plan to support

Facebook *.facebook.com
X *.twitter.com
LinkedIn *.linkedin.com
Instagram *.instagram.com
Weibo *.weibo.com
VKontakte *.vk.me


Click OK to Save. Next, click the arrow beside the WiFi Networks header and then click the Create button. Configure with the following:

  • Name: Guest WiFi (or whatever you wish)
  • Usage Type: Hotspot Service
  • Hotspot Services: guestwifi
Click on the Show advanced configuration link and under the Others tab configure with the following:
  • Inactivity Timeout: 30 minutes

Click OK to Save.


To complete the set up you will need to SSH in to the Unleashed (Master AP) and type the commands below, one line at a time.

wlan "Guest Wi-Fi"
called-station-id-type ap-mac

This will set the correct parameter we require for the MAC of the AP to be sent in the RADIUS request.


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