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Datto Networking AP (CloudTrax v4 or above)

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IMPORTANT: You need to be using CloudTrax v4 portal or higher AND also v6 firmware or higher before continuing.

Log in to the CloudTrax portal at https://ct4.cloudtrax.com

On the left, click on an SSID of your choice and configure with the following:

  • SSID name: Guest WiFi (or whatever you wish)
  • Enable: Enabled
  • Visible: Enabled
  • Authentication: Unticked
  • Splash page: Enabled
  • Splash page type: Hosted remotely
  • Splash page URL: *insert access_url here*
  • Splash page secret: *insert uam_secret here*
  • Splash page authentication type: RADIUS
  • Server address 1: *insert radius_server here*
  • Server address 2: *insert radius_server2 here*
  • Server secret: *insert radius_secret here*
  • Block unauthenticated users: Enabled

Under Walled Garden, enter the required domains one per line. Please refer to this list.

Click Save Changes at the top right to finish.


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