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Cradlepoint AER/CBR/IBR/MBR Series

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Please log in to your Cradlepoint Router.


At the top, click on Network Settings and choose WiFi / Local Networks.

At the bottom of the page, select which Wireless Profile you wish to use and click Edit.

Configure with:

  • WiFi Name (SSID): Guest WiFi (or whatever you wish)
  • Hidden: Unticked
  • Isolate: Ticked
  • WMM: Ticked
  • Enabled: Ticked
  • Security Mode: Open
Click Submit to save.


Next, on the same page, above the Wireless Profiles, tick the box beside the Guest LAN network and click Edit.

Configure with:

IPv4 Settings tab:

  • IPv4 Routing Mode: Hotspot
IPv6 Settings tab:
  • IPv6 Address Source: None
Interfaces tab:
  • WiFi: Guest WiFi: Click the + to move it to the Selected list
IPv4 DHCP tab:
  • DHCP Server: Ticked
Click Submit to save.


Next, click on System Settings at the top and choose Hotspot Services. Configure with:

Under Hotspot Settings:

  • Hotspot Mode: RADIUS/UAM
  • Local IP Network: Guest LAN
  • Allow Service on 3G/4G modems: Ticked
  • Redirect HTTPS Requests: Unticked
  • Hotspot/UAM Auhentication Port: 8000
Under RADIUS Settings:
  • Server Address 1: *insert radius_server here*
  • Server Address 2: *insert radius_server2 here*
  • Authentication Port: 1812
  • Accounting Port: 1813
  • Shared Secret: *insert radius_secret here*
  • Confirm Secret: as above
  • Redirect Successful Authenticate: Select To an administrator-defined URL and enter:
    *insert redirect_url here*
  • Session Timeout: 240 Mins
  • Idle Timeout: 30 Mins
Under UAM Settings:
  • Login URL: *insert access_url here*
  • Splash Page URL: leave empty
  • Shared Secret: *insert uam_secret here*
  • Confirm Secret: as above


Next, under Allowed Hosts/Domains Prior to Authentication click the Add button and add each of the required domains. Please refer to this list.

Click Apply to Save.


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