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Extreme (WiNG Controller)

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NOTE: Before you begin, please ensure you have added your AP's Radio MAC's (as well as the normal AP MAC) to the portal "Hardware" screen, as these are required for authentication to work correctly.


Login to your WiNG controller and click on Configuration at the top.

On the left, click Captive Portals and choose Add

Configure with the below settings:

  • Captive Portal Server Mode: Internal (Self)
  • Connection Mode: HTTP
  • AAA Policy: Click the Add icon and enter the name of guestwifi before clicking Continue
Next, on the RADIUS Authentication tab, click on Add and configure with:
  • Host: *insert radius_server here*
  • Port: 1812
  • Server Type: Host
  • Secret: *insert radius_secret here*

    Click OK to Add

    Next, on the RADIUS Accounting tab, click on Add and configure with:
  • Host: *insert radius_server here*
  • Port: 1813
  • Server Type: Host
  • Secret: *insert radius_secret here*

    Click OK to Add. 


Next, on the Settings tab, configure with:
  • Protocol: PAP
  • Accounting Packet Type: Start/Interim/Stop
  • Request Interval: 3 Minutes
  • Accounting Server Preference: Prefer Same Authentication Server Host
  • Format: Dash Delimiter
  • Case: Uppercase
  • Attributes: All
  • Access Type: RADIUS Authentication
  • Client Access Time: 1440
  • Inactivity Timeout: 30
  • DNS Whitelist: Click on the Add icon and enter a name of guestwifi
You will now need to add each of the below domains by clicking in to the DNS Entry column and typing in each domain, clicking Add Row after each one. E.g:
  • DNS Entry: *insert access_domain here*
  • Type: Hostname
  • Match Suffix: Yes
Please add all the domains below in the same way:






If you wish to support social network logins, you also need to add the domains below for each network you plan to support


Facebook X LinkedIn Instagram











Click OK when finished adding all the domains.
  • Enable RADIUS Accounting: Ticked

Press OK to Save

Next, click on the Web Page tab and configure with the following:
Web Page Source: Externally Hosted
Login URL: *insert access_url here*?login_ip=WING_TAG_CP_SERVER&motoapmac=WING_TAG_AP_MAC&client_mac=WING_TAG_CLIENT_MAC&random=

Welcome URL: *insert redirect_url here*&random=

Fail URL: *insert access_url here*?res=failed&random=

Click OK to Save

Next, click on Configuration at the top and choose the Wireless sub-tab underneath.
Click on Add and configure with the following:
Basic Configuration
  • SSID: Guest WiFi (or whatever you wish)
  • WLAN Status: Enabled
  • Broadcast SSID: Ticked
  • Authentication: PSK / None
  • Captive Portal Enforcement: Captive Portal Enable (Ticked)
  • Captive Portal Policy: guestwifi
  • Select Encryption: Open
Click OK to Save
At the top right, click on Commit and Save


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