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Arista Networks AP

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Open a web browser and log in to your Arista Networks Cloud Management dashboard.


Click Configuration at the top, then select the RADIUS Profiles icon and click the Add RADIUS Profile link. Configure with:

  • Profile Name: guest1
  • IP Address: *insert radius_server_ip here*
  • Authentication Port: 1812
  • Accounting Port: 1813
  • Shared secret: *insert radius_secret here*

Click Save and then add a second RADIUS profile. Configure with:

  • Profile Name: guest2
  • IP Address: *insert radius_server2_ip here*
  • Authentication Port: 1812
  • Accounting Port: 1813
  • Shared secret: *insert radius_secret here*

Click Save.


Next, click Configuration at the top, then click the Device Configuration icon and click SSID Profiles. Click the Add New Wi-Fi Profile link and configure with:

  • Profile Name: Guest Wi-Fi
  • SSID: Guest Wi-Fi (or whatever you want to broadcast for your SSID)
  • Broadcast SSID: Enabled

Under The Security  section:

  • Security Mode: Open
  • Client Isolation: Enabled

Under the Network section:

  • NAT : Enabled
  • Start IP Address:
  • End IP Address:
  • Local IP Address:
  • Subnet Mask:
  • DNS Servers: add: and
  • Lease time: 1440


Under the Captive Portal  section:

  • Enable Captive Portal: Enabled
  • External Splash Page with RADIUS Authentication: Enabled
  • Splash Page URL *insert access_url here*
  • Shared Secret: *insert uam_secret here*
  • Walled Garden: Add the below domains one by one (opting for port 443). Please refer to this list.
  • Redirect URL: *insert redirect_url here*
  • Enable HTTPS Redirection: Disabled

Under the Radius Settings link:

  • Called Station Id: %m
  • Primary Authentication Server: guest1
  • Secondary Authentication Server: guest2
  • Interval: 2 mins
  • Primary Accounting Server: guest1
  • Secondary Accounting Server: guest2


Click Save and then click Save again. Finally, go back to Device Configuration and click Device Templates. Edit your current template, and under the Radio Settings section add the new SSID profile you created above to all radios.


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