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Buffalo WZR-HP-G450H

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Please connect an Ethernet cable from your existing router/network in to the port labelled "Internet" on the back of the Buffalo.


Then connect an Ethernet cable between port 1 on the back of the Buffalo and your computer:

Buffalo  WHR-HP-G300N with wires


Turn on the router and wait for a few minutes.
Open a web browser and type in to the address bar.

You will be prompted to log-in. The default username is "admin" and the password is "admin" (unless you have changed these).

Buffalo WHR-HP-G300N: login


Click "Administration" on the left menu

Buffalo WHR-HP-G300N: Select Administration


Click on "Firmware Upgrade" on the left menu.
Click "Browse" and select the firmware file that you have been provided.
Be sure to set the "After flashing, reset to" option to "Reset to Default Settings".
Click "Upgrade".
The upgrade process will now begin and take up to 5 minutes to complete, and reboot.


Buffalo WHR-HP-G300N: upgrading firmware


Buffalo WHR-HP-G300N: rebooting firmware


If you receive an error message when trying to upgrade, that says the  Upgrade Failed, please follow the steps below as an alternative method:

  • Go to Services at the top then scroll down to SSH
  • Click to Enable SSHd
  • Click Save, then click apply at the bottom
  • Finally, click Reboot

After the router has rebooted, you'll need to use an SSH client (i.e. putty or ssh command line). Connect to the router IP and login with username root and your the same password you use for the web interface. Once logged in to SSH, run the following commands, one per line. Please ensure the router is connected to an Internet connection.

cd /tmp

wget http://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/router-firmware/sysupgrade2.4/Buffalo_WZR-HP-G450H.bin

mtd -r write Buffalo_WZR-HP-G450H.bin linux

The router will now reboot and within a few minutes be back online with the new IP of

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