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Verify validates the email addresses your visitors enter within the access journey. If the email address is not valid you can choose to block access to the Wi-Fi for that visitor. This ensures the data you gather from your visitors is more accurate and provides you with valid email addresses for follow up communications such as NPS surveys. To enable this feature please contact your account manager.


Add Verify to an access journey

To use Verify you must select Enable Verify email verification on the access journey.

1. Click Onboarding > Access journeys and select which access journey to add Verify to.

2. Click Options and select Enable Verify email verification.


3. If you want to block access to the Wi-Fi for visitors who enter an invalid email address, select Block email addresses that are reported as undeliverable by Verify.

The visitor receives an error when they try to enter an invalid email address and they cannot gain access to the Wi-Fi until they enter a valid email address.



If you don't block access this allows the visitor to log in to the Wi-Fi with an invalid email

address but marks the email address as invalid on the CRM record.

4. Save and Publish the access journey. For more information, refer to Access journey.


CRM record

If a user logs in when Verify is active, the CRM record shows if an email address is valid or not.



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