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Portal API

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Documentation containing information required to work with the Purple portal API is available from http://api-docs.venuewifi.net/.

Purple uses API Key authentication. Our php demo file and Company API pdf are available to help with getting started, with API system settings and requirements included.

Postman is an API platform which assists with building and using APIs. It’s typically used for testing in a Purple context. Check our guide for setting up Postman for more information. 

Once connected, check our Portal Company API documentation for assistance. This has our latest API documentation with all available endpoints.

With your portal API you can query raw user data from your portal and use them to populate external systems (like a CRM). If you want to export data to your CRM without making repeated requests to Purple’s API, you can use Webhooks. Webhooks can also be used to trigger real-time events using LogicFlow.

API integration with connectors listed in our library is possible. This is typically conducted by our Professional Services Team.

There are no rate limits on our API (i.e. it can support any number of requests or transactions).

An Enterprise license is required for API access.

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