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Seamless Login

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Seamless login allows a returning visitor back onto the WiFi without the need to enter their login details again. The seamless login is still managed via the captive portal login process; it recognizes the visitor's MAC address as having logged in at the venue/company before and uses the visitor’s known WiFi login. This bypasses the need to ask for login details, and moves straight to the authentication process to grant access.

Seamless login is a setting at venue level on the access journey and is dependent on the visitor having visited the venue before. If you want a visitor who has visited one venue to access the WiFi seamlessly at all venues within the company, this is known as Roaming seamless login and you must set this at company level.

Note: If you change the custom terms at a specific venue this interrupts the seamless login as the visitor must accept the new terms.

If you add a new micro survey and select Interrupt seamless logins for micro survey within Access JourneyOptions this also interrupts the seamless login but only if the micro survey is new or changed since the visitor last completed it.

MAC randomization may also affect seamless login.

Seamless login is a setting on the Access Journey template within Options.

Roaming seamless login is a company level setting within ManagementVenuesSettings.


Within the Management > Venues > Settings page, 'Seamless timeout' sets an expiry time where visitors are sent to the offline splash page and have to sign in again. You can enter the number of days and choose a timeout type from the following:

  • From last full login - Forces the visitor to go through the log in process after the specified number of days regardless of the last seamless auth time.

  • After number of days of inactivity - Forces the visitor to log in after they have been inactive for the number of days specified.


In cases where you have:

  • Email verification enabled, and
  • A client is using Form Login, and
  • They have not verified their email

End users will not be able to utilize Seamless Login. Using Form Login, only verified email addresses receive Seamless Login. 

The only way to allow Seamless Login without email verification being complete is to turn off the Email Verification option on the Company Settings page, found via Management > Customers > Settings:

Email verification.png

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