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Network Activity Alerts

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You can use network activity alerts to configure email alerts that trigger when ‘0’ visitors connect to the WiFi network. You can apply a ‘threshold’ number of hours after which the alert triggers. For example, a threshold of ‘24 hours’ triggers an email alert if ‘0’ visitors connect to WiFi in that 24 hour period. This feature gives users an indication as to whether their WiFi is obvious enough to visitors, or to help identify unexpected problems with the network.

To access this click ManagementNetwork Activity Alerts.

New Alert

  1. Within ManagementNetwork Activity Alerts click Create new alert.

  2. Complete the fields as follows:

    Alert Name

    Add a name for the alert.

    Hours Without Login

    The number of hours without a login you want an alert for.

    Scope Selection

    Choose which scope you want the alert to apply to.

  3. Add any users you want to see the alert and add recipients you want to send an email to when the number of hours without a login is reached.

  4. Click Create alert.

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