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Note: Tripadvisor have recently deprecated part of their service which is used within Purple’s Tripadvisor connector. Unfortunately this means that the Purple Tripadvisor connector is currently unavailable.

We're working with TripAdvisor to investigate which of their replacement products will provide you with the best solution and to ensure they include the same functionality and at the same time we need to discuss the commercial levels of this implication. More information will be provided as soon as we have it but we are in daily contact with TripAdvisor on this matter.

Within the Purple Platform there is a workaround, to ensure your WiFi users have the opportunity to leave a positive review for your venue, you can create a campaign within Marketing > Communications and include the link to your TripAdvisor page. For more information about how to set this up, refer to Communications.

If you have any more queries regarding this, please contact support@purple.ai

The TripAdvisor connector links your Purple account with TripAdvisor to automatically send reminders to guests who connected to the WiFi, 24 hours after their visit to your venue, to ask them to leave a review; instantly promoting feedback and enhancing your online presence.

Set Up the TripAdvisor Connector

  1. Within ManagementConnectors, on TripAdvisor click Add.

  2. Enter the Connection Name, this can be anything you choose.

  3. Enter the Unique TripAdvisor URL, this is the link to your own TripAdvisor page.

  4. Within Scope, the login level determines what scope is available. The scope determines at what level the palette displays for this connector, choose from the following:

    • Customer level – Displays the customer, groups and all venues. With the ability to select each level.

    • Group level – Displays the selected group and the venues within that group.

    • Venue level – This specific venue.

  5. Select Save to record changes.

    TripAdvisor process requests for the connector within 24-48hrs, you will receive an email from them confirming this. Once you have received the email, progress to Opt-in to TripAdvisor.

Opt-in to TripAdvisor

  1. Visit TripAdvisor.com/ReviewExpress.

  2. Search for your business or venue name and select Use Review Express.

  3. Select Opt In Now.

  4. Select Purple as your Provider and select Next to proceed.

  5. Accept the TripAdvisor Terms and Conditions to complete.

Data Sent to TripAdvisor

The following data is sent to TripAdvisor to trigger an email to the user after 24 hours of visiting the venue to ask for a review on TripAdvisor:

Data Type





The user's title, e.g. Mr., Mrs.



The user's forename



The user's surname



The user's email address

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