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Ruijie RG Series AP

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At present there is no GUI / web interface available to configure the required settings. Therefore, please configure the AP (either directly via Telnet/SSH or via Ruijie Cloud) by deploying the following configuration. Be sure to substitute the relevant wlan id and ssid as per your existing configuration.


aaa group server radius guestwifi
server *insert radius_server_ip here*
server *insert radius_server2_ip here*
aaa new-model
aaa accounting network guestwifi start-stop group guestwifi
aaa authentication web-auth default group guestwifi
aaa authentication cpweb guestwifi group guestwifi
ip dns snooping enable
free-url url *insert access_domain here*
free-url url *insert access_domain here*
free-url url cloudfront.net
free-url url *.cloudfront.net
free-url url venuewifi.com
free-url url *.venuewifi.com
free-url url stripe.com
free-url url *.stripe.com
no service password-encryption
radius-server host *insert radius_server_ip here* key *insert radius_secret here*
radius-server host *insert radius_server2_ip here* key *insert radius_secret here*
radius-server attribute 31 mac format ietf
web-auth auth-server ip
web-auth auth-server http port 8082
web-auth auth-server submit-url
web-auth accounting cpweb guestwifi
web-auth acct-update-interval 5
web-auth template guestwifi cpweb
ip *insert walled_garden_ip here*
url *insert access_url here*
login-success response redirect-url *insert redirect_url here*
fmt custom encry none submit-url login_url= user-mac client_mac mac-format line ap-mac ap_mac mac-format line ssid ssid url orig_url 
web-auth portal key guestwifi
web-auth portal guestwifi
dot11 wlan 1
ssid "Guest WiFi"
ssid-code utf-8 !
wlansec 1
web-auth accounting cpweb guestwifi
web-auth authentication cpweb guestwifi
web-auth portal guestwifi


The configuration is now complete. Be sure to save your config.

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