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Infobip is an SMS service provider, with this connector providing the ability to send SMS communications via Infobip.

Set up the Infobip Connector

To create the connector you will need to create and collect API keys from your Infobip account.

Once logged in, on all pages you should see your base URL in this format: xxxxx.api.infobip.com:


You can also see your API key from the same page.

Back in the portal, enter the base URL and API key into the relevant fields and give your connector a name. You will also need to assign the scope. This sets which venues are able to use this connector. When ready, click save.

Your connector is now ready to use for SMS marketing campaigns and mobile number verification on an access journey.


Data Sent to Infobip

The following data is sent to Infobip:

Data Type





Single or multiple user mobile phone numbers that the message will be sent to



The number that the message is sent from. This is the number associated with the configured connector.



The message. This value will vary depending on the
context for the message.

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