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Windcave is an ecommerce payment gateway, with the Windcave connector handling payments for Tiered Bandwidth functionality on the WiFi user access journey.

Set Up the Windcave Connector

To create the connector you will need to create and collect API keys from your Windcave account.Windcave1.png

Once this connector has been created you can apply Windcave as a payment option when enabling tiered bandwidth to an access journey. With this enabled, visitor payments will be processed via your Windcave account.


Enable Windcave as a Payment Option

Once a Windcave connector has been defined we can choose to use it via the Access Journey editor.

Create or edit an Access Journey via the portal's left-hand sidebar menu option Onboarding → Access Journeys.

Navigate to the Tiered Bandwidth tab within the Access Journey editor.

In the right-hand panel of the tab there is a ‘Tiered bandwidth options’ section:


Here you can find the ‘Payment options’ settings.

When a valid Windcave connector exists the payment method will be offered - check the ‘Windcave’ box to enable it as an available payment method.


Data Sent to Windcave

The following data is sent to Windcave:

Data Type





The amount for the plan purchase



The currency for the plan purchase



The venue’s company name used as a merchant
reference for the Windcave purchase.

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