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Communication Limits

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Communication Limits mean restrictions can be set on the number of communications sent to a WiFi user within a designated period of time.

The time limits that can be set for Eshot and SMS communications are:

  • Daily (per 24 hour period)
  • Weekly (per 7 day period)
  • Monthly (per 28 day period)

Permissions & Feature Location

User permissions

The feature is only available to Portal users with the customer manager role. Group and venue level users are not able to configure communication limits. 



The feature is not subject to licensing. You will be able to configure communication limits without the need for a valid WiFi license e.g. Enterprise, Network, Captive Portal etc.


Feature location

The feature is located in the customer management ‘Settings’ tab which can be accessed from the customer Portal navigation menu via the 'Management' option in the left-hand sidebar, followed by 'Venues', then by clicking into the relevant customer. 

The feature can then be found in the End-user SMS / Email limits section of the 'Settings' tab.



Configuring End User Limits

Limits can be individually configured for Eshots and SMS messages by switching each communication type on using the toggles in the user interface:


Once a communication type has been enabled, the limits can be set for each time period.

By default, the limits for each time period are set to 0 until configured. If any time period limit is set to 0 then no communications will be sent.

Limits can be configured for more than one time period. The feature checks whether the user should be sent a communication based on daily, weekly and monthly limits:


‘Email’ limits include Eshots only. Other types of email communication dispatched by the Portal application are not currently subject to limits, such as Post Authentication Micro Survey emails. Configuring limits for individual Eshots or SMS messages is not supported by this feature.

Clicking on ‘Save’ will save the current configuration.

Once the configuration has been saved, the limits instantly take effect. The limits can be freely updated as and when required.


Turning communication limiting on and off

You can toggle communication limiting on and off using the slider button for each communication type. If you have previously enabled limiting then wish to disable the function, each of your previous limits will be saved for future reinstation. 


How communication limits are applied

Limits are applied at the point an end WiFi user is polled to be sent an Eshot or an SMS. The overall number of Eshots or SMS messages is calculated by the application at the point of dispatch. This number is based on the total number of Eshots or SMS messages that have been sent to the WiFi user at the customer level, including all communications sent at the customer, group or venue level.

If the current count exceeds any of the configured limits for each of the three time period intervals then the communication is not dispatched.


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