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MSEGAT is an SMS service communication provider based in Saudi Arabia. The MSEGAT connector provides the ability to send SMS communications via the MSEGAT network.

Set Up

1. Log in to your MSEGAT account and retrieve your API key.

2. Once you have your API key, return to the Portal. Select Management > Connectors.

Click the ‘+’ icon to open the MSEGAT connector. Enter your API key, along with the other required fields:



3. You have the option to test the MSEGAT connector by sending yourself an SMS. If you wish to do this, enter your phone number and click ‘Send SMS’. This is an optional step.




4. Next, you will need to decide which user levels will have access to use this connector for sending marketing SMS and SMS verification messages.

If you select the company level, then all venues within the company will have access.

If you select a group, then only venues within that group will have access. 



5. Once you have configured the required fields, click ‘Save’. Your MSEGAT connector is now live and will be available for sending marketing SMS and SMS verification messages.
Please note, there may be a delay of up to ten minutes before it appears.


Data Sent to MSEGAT

The following data is sent to the MSEGAT API:

Data Type





The user’s mobile phone number. Single or multiple numbers are sent in a single request depending on context



The SMS message that is sent to the user(s). This value is dependent on the context that the connector is invoked within


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