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Retail Report

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Retail Report collects data from any available source and automatically uploads it to a secure cloud portal. The Retail Report connector sends summaries of Wi-Fi visit data for venues to the Retail Report cloud. Summaries are currently sent on a recurring 6 hour interval, aggregating all venue visit data for the current 24 hour period.

This connector can be set up at a customer, group or venue scope. 

Data Sent

The following data is sent in CSV format to the Retail Report cloud via SFTP. This connector does not send any Wi-Fi user personally identifiable information to the Retail Report Cloud. The CSV contains aggregates of user visit data seen at venues: 

Data Type





The report start date in the venue’s local timezone in the format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS



The venue name



The SSID that users authenticated on


Unique users

The number of unique users seen authenticating at the venue and SSID in
the 24 hour period from the report start date. This count includes both authenticated and unauthenticated visit data.


Avg. usage duration

The average duration of each user’s visit (session). Note this value is a whole number without precision.


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