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Maps Markup

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As part of the Wayfinding implementation, Purple provides you with the required map art to ensure the maps are clear, accurate and easy to use when you plot your routes and points of interest.

To create the map art, Purple requires the following:

  1. Provide CADs as .DWG or .PDF to scale - You must provide CADs for all buildings, floors, skyways and parking garages that you want to include in the Wayfinding solution. Refer to Implementation Graphics for additional details.

  2. Mark up the main routes of travel and "no-go" areas - We work with you to remove items that you do not want to include in Wayfinding. For example, if a CAD was provided for a floor that is off limits to the public and does not include routing, it can be removed.

    We work with you to identify all entrances, elevators and parking to include in routing. We remove non-relevant items. For example, a maintenance only elevator that requires card entry and is not included in routing, can be removed.

Purple provides art files to you that reflect the final map mark ups. A review of map routing, map colors, iconography, and destination content (website URL, descriptions, and opening hours) is therefore also required.

Mark up the map

Mark up the maps using a marker, with a software program, or within Purple's next gen platform - whichever is most convenient for you. The objective is to identify how users are routed through the facility and indicate what hallways/areas display on user facing maps. Use PDFs/PNGs of CADs by floor to identify hallways and mark up and color code as follows:

  • Green - Main/Public Hallways: Lobbies, main routes of travel, entrances, etc.

  • Yellow - Back of House: Areas of the facility that users may pass through but are not necessarily the main route of travel.

  • Red - No Go areas: Secure areas, staff only areas, restricted areas, etc.

Example mark ups

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