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Implementation Graphics

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The implementation graphics are a list of required graphics that help us design your Wayfinding experience.

Before we begin to create the Wayfinding experience for you and your facility, we require a few necessary graphics. These graphics not only help us produce accurate maps but also allow us to provide a completely custom experience for you and your visitors.

The graphics we require are:

Architectural blueprints

You need to obtain and send the most recent set of architectural blueprints of your facility. We take the information provided in a blueprint to design accurate interior maps of a facility. Architectural blueprints are currently being produced digitally by computer-aided design programs and are commonly referred to as CADs.

Architectural blueprint (CAD) example

The preferred digital file format for blueprints is DWG. A DWG file specifically has the ability to maintain a layout’s measurement data and the scale size that it was designed at. If we have these measurements we can ensure the maps are scaled accurately in our system to provide the best experience for you and your visitors.

You may also provide a PDF file format. If you only have access to the facility’s architectural blueprints in PDF format you must provide us with some additional information. We require you to go on-site to the facility and take a few measurements of a some of the architectural spaces. A few examples of common measurements are:

  • The width of a main Hallway

  • The width of a doorway (single and/or double)

  • The width and length of a space or room (x2)

PDFs and sometimes DWG files lack the architectural notes to communicate and define a 2D designed space. In these cases, our designer may need to reach out for clarification on the actual physical space. Please ensure you have someone who is familiar with the facility available to answer these questions.

Company logos

We also need you to provide your company logo. Your company logo is used within our Wayfinding Solution across multiple platforms to brand your Wayfinding experience.

For your logo graphic, please provide a vector file format (SVG, EPS, AI file) whenever possible. Vector file formats allow us to scale your logo without loosing resolution to support your chosen Wayfinding Solution. If a vector file format is unavailable, please provide us with a high-resolution image file (PNG, JPEG, TIFF) of your logo.

Some companies may have a few approved designs of their logos. For example, the logo may have been designed for both a vertical and horizontal layout. A horizontal layout is the preferred layout to use within our Wayfinding Solutions; however, a vertical layout displays more attractively on a Kiosk splash screen. If you have multiple designs for your logo please provide us with these options.

Company style guide

The style guide is a recommendation but not a required document. If your company has an overall style or brand guide, we would appreciate it if you could also send this document to us. The company’s style is your general rulebook that explains how an organization presents itself and it’s branding to the public. It should include all the variations of your logo, a selection of your branding colors, etc. We want your maps to reflect you and your social presence. Your style guide helps inspire us to design your custom maps to reflect the look and feel of your branding.

If your company does not have a style guide, we can use your company’s website as a reference. We may ask for a list of approved branding colors that we may incorporate into your design.


We use iconography throughout our maps to symbolize common destinations, points of interest, or areas of travel. The incorporation of custom iconography is possible though the best practice is for us to discuss these during the implementation phase to ensure they fit from an accessibility and clarity standpoint.  

Icons are preferred in an SVG vector file format. This allows us to scale icons to an appropriate size for our map files. The vector file format also facilitates the integration into our map files. Iconography is drawn within our digital environment and all our digital art is designed within a SVG vector file format.

We provide stock iconography options to select from. The Solutions Delivery team can provide you with our own style book that contains examples of commonly used iconography. There are a number of symbols that we have used to represent several different locational features. Upon review of this document, please choose whichever iconography works for you and your team.

Map design

We’ll provide a map alongside customization options. We strive to create maps that suit your specific requirements while maximizing clarity and meeting all potential accessibility needs. 

Files that help with the creation of any map include: an image file of any existing overall map, the art files that contain your iconography, and a list of color hex codes. 

We will provide you with an original map design produced by our Graphics Department with the support of your Company style guide

We will send you a set of color proofs for your review and approval process. The Solutions Deliveries team will walk you through this process during the design phase of your Wayfinding project.

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