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You can connect sensors to the Purple portal to provide:

  • Occupancy Management - Through accurately counting visitors entering and exiting a venue, you can automatically monitor occupancy and get a complete understanding of visitor movement throughout your venue.

  • Location Analytics - Purple’s location software connects with WiFi access points and sensors to identify footfall and understand how visitors move around your venue. This information is fed directly into our analytics platform where you can filter and segment the data to identify patterns and trends.

  • Proximity Marketing - Target visitors in the right place, at the right time with highly relevant and personalized messages. Draw ‘zones’ in and around your venue that trigger messages when a visitors enters a specific area.

  • Alerts - Automated alerts will trigger when occupancy levels get too high prompting staff to take action to maintain a safe working environment. You can also set up alerts that trigger prompting staff to clean an area following set visitor usage levels.

  • Digital Displays - Display live occupancy data to help visitors make informed decisions, optimize safety and improve the visitor experience.

Find information regarding data collected by sensors here

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