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Purple Presence enables businesses to gain a complete snapshot of all authenticated and unauthenticated visitors and devices that come into contact with the venue. The insights produced enable businesses to make smarter decisions within their physical space.

Presence data is the total count of unauthenticated devices (laptops, mobiles, tablets etc.) that come into contact (‘ping’) with an access point in a venue. The devices get close enough to an access point so that their unique MAC address can be recorded, but they do not need to authenticate onto the WiFi network.

Presence also captures:

  • Strength of signal (RSSI) - This signifies how close a device is in proximity to an access point.

  • Duration - How long the device was seen by any access point within a venue.

The Real-time reports show the presence data in real-time, they show the number of devices in the venue, how long they have dwelled for and a breakdown of the visitors by gender. The graphs show these values for the past 25 minutes in minute intervals and the data refreshes every minute. The breakdown by gender only includes male and female, visitors of unknown gender are not included.

You can view the historical presence data in the Conversion and Bounce reports within AnalyticsBehaviors.

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