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Floorplan Management

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You can use floorplans to track the movements of your customers in your venue in real time, on previous dates, on different floors and at certain times of the day. You can also have data overlaid such as gender, age, dwell and login method. To add a floorplan please contact support.

You can view the floorplan in two modes, view mode and edit mode, the default is edit mode so it is quicker for you to create new items on the floorplan.

View mode

Within View mode hardware devices that are picked up by your access points show on your map. If a visitor has authenticated on to your WiFi system you can mouse over any circle on your floorplan and find out more about the individuals males are shown in purple and females in pink. If a hardware device has yet to authenticate on to your network it is shown as a gray 'anonymous' circle. You can still mouse over this hardware device to find out more about it. The number of access points you have positioned within your venue, along with your floorplan shape affects the accuracy of a hardware devices' locations placed on your floorplan.

Use Play to view the data in real-time or you can use the 24-hour timeline to change the date, time and play speed of the data. You can change the data source to select either Sensors or WiFi data. You can also change the floorplan to show heatmaps rather than individual devices to get a better picture of where is busiest in your venue.

If you have zones set up you can use Overview reports to see how many people are currently in a specific zone. The Period shows you the total visitors that have been within that zone during your blue play bar period, within your timeline. If you adjust your play bar period, these numbers update automatically.

Overlay markers on map overlays data such as age range, number of visits, login method and dwell time.

Visitors and devices shows information about each visitor, you can search by visitor name or device to locate specific visitors on your floorplan.

Edit mode

There are two navigation panels on the left and right of the floorplan. The options on the left are the quick development tools, they navigate the map and add new items to the floorplan. The options on the right are the standard development tools, they show items which already exist on the floorplan which you can add to, edit, rename and delete.