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Microsoft Dynamics

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Microsoft Dynamics enables business to unify CRM and ERP capabilities. This connector can bet set up at Company or venue level and will push users’ data into Microsoft Dynamics to create a contact once they have authenticated onto your WiFi.

Set Up the Microsoft Dynamics Connector

  1. Within ManagementConnectors on the Microsoft Dynamics connector click Add.

  2. Complete the fields as follows:

    Connector Name

    Enter a name for the connector.

    Enter your username for Microsoft dynamics

    Enter your username and password for Microsoft Dynamics.

    Enter your password for Microsoft dynamics

    Enter your resource URL for Microsoft dynamics

    To obtain the resource URL:

    Log in to Microsoft Dynamics and select Marketing, this generates a new URL in your address bar. Copy this URL into this field.

    Enter your client id for Microsoft dynamics

    To obtain the client ID and secret:

    1. Log into Microsoft Azure, click Azure Active Directory > App registrations > + New application registration.

    2. Enter a name for the app, for the application type select Web App/API and enter a Sign-on URL, for example, your business domain. Create the application.

    3. When the application is registered, click SettingsRequired PermissionsAdd.

    4. Click API, select Dynamics CRM Online, then select Permissions, ensure all checkboxes are ticked, then select Keys.

    5. Add a Description and Duration, then click Save.

    6. Copy the API key into a safe place before you exit as you cannot access this once you leave the page.

    7. Paste the API key into this field.

    Enter your client secret for Microsoft dynamics

  3. Click Verify and when the verification is successful click Save.

Data Sent to Microsoft Dynamics

The following data is sent to Microsoft Dynamics to create a contact:

Data Type





The user's forename



The user's surname



The user's email address



The user's mobile telephone number



The user's gender as a single letter, e.g. M, F



The user's date of birth in YYYY-mm-dd format



Whether the user can receive email or not



The user's journey time in YYYY-mm-dd h:i:s format

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