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You can charge your visitors for WiFi usage through tiered bandwidth and you can use the PayPal connector to take the payments through PayPal.

Set Up the PayPal Connector

  1. Log in to your PayPal developer account and retrieve your PayPal ID and client secret. For more information about how to retrieve these details, refer to PayPal Developer support.

  2. In the portal within ManagementConnectors on the PayPal connector click Add.

  3. Complete the fields as follows:

    Connector name

    Enter a name for your connector.

    Enter your client id for PayPal

    Enter the details from PayPal from step 1.

    Enter your client secret for PayPal

    Enter the commission rate %.

    This field is only appropriate if you intend to charge lower levels to use your PayPal account for taking Tiered Bandwidth payments. Typically only by a reseller. You can enter any numerical value between 0 and 100 including decimals.

    If you do not wish to charge for lower levels then enter 0 in this field.

  4. Within Scope, the login level determines what scope is available. The scope determines at what level the palette displays for this connector, choose from the following:

    • Customer level – Displays the customer, groups and all venues. With the ability to select each level.

    • Group level – Displays the selected group and the venues within that group.

    • Venue level – This specific venue.

  5. Click Save.

Data Sent to Paypal

Payments on the Access Journey are currently implemented using the PayPal JavaScript SDK which is configured with the PayPal connector client id. No Wi-Fi user data is currently referred to the PayPal JavaScript SDK when the PayPal payment is initiated in the Wi-Fi user’s browser or user agent.

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